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KFS Digital helps banks define their Strategy for Digital Transformation. Working closing with industry experts and consultants , we assist banks in addressing their transformation needs, including providing advisory services and relevant software products and solutions, that will help banks widen their client base and improve client experience.

Key Features

D'Vault is feature-rich, reliable and easy access, digital sset management platform that allows you to manage all your financial assets secured in one place. D'Vault allows you to manage and track all your assets securely and quickly from anywhere, anytime by just a click of a button. 


For Asset Owners: 

  • Track all Banks, Equities and Bonds in one place
  • Manage Cryptocurrencies and Other investments (eg. Gold)
  • Define and Track Financial Goals
  • Securely Store your Financial records in an Encrypted format
  • Share assets to Dependents and nominees
  • Connect with Asset Managers for expert financial advice
  • Two-Step authentication on Financial records
  • Available in Web and Mobile


For Asset Managers:

  • Connect with multiple Asset Owners
  • Manage all Financial assets of an Individual
  • Access all Financial records using key shared by Asset Owners
  • Build the public profile, which helps you get more connections
  • Flexible subscriptions plans
  • Available in Web and Mobile